Get Unstuck! Get Focused! Take Action!

Email Coaching Program

Tara McGillicuddy understands Adult ADD / ADHD and the needs of Adults with ADD / ADHD. She also understands the busy lifestyles and demands of Adults with ADD / ADHD too. In her Focused Action Coaching Program she cuts to the chase with email coaching and gets her clients focused and in action.

Tara McGillicuddy also understands the importance of daily communication and accountability in order for  Adults with ADD / ADHD to be productive and successful.  Tara’s Focused Action Coaching Program offers daily email coaching and check-ins to help her clients stay motivated and get things done .

Focused Action Coaching Program

  • Weekly Planning and Prioritizing
  • Individual Coaching and Support
  • Convenient Email Format
  • Unlimited Accountability Check-ins on Action Days
  • Weekly Reflections and Learning


WARNING: This is an Accountability and Action-Oriented Focused Coaching Program. This is NOT a class! Clients are expected to be ready, willing and able to work on their projects and tasks.



  • Monday – Weekly Planning and Prioritizing
  • Tuesday  – Take Action and Check-in
  • Wednesday  – Take Action and Check-in
  • Thursday -Take Action and Check-in
  • Friday –  Weekly Reflections

How Does this Work?

  • Each Monday you will  answer a set of questions from Tara to help you plan and prioritize for the week ahead. You will email your responses to Tara along with the first time you will be checking in to Tara on Tuesday with your first progress update.
  • On Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday you will work on your projects and tasks. You will also check in to Tara with your progress updates. Tara will be offering quick coaching and support during these email check-ins. You and Tara will decide on your check-in times each week.
  • Each Friday you will answer a set of questions from Tara to help you reflect on what you became aware of during the week and what you may have learned about your productivity. You will email your responses to Tara.

Cost: $197 per Month 
$77 per Month