Focused Action Coaching

15 Minute On-Demand Coaching Sessions

Stop Procrastinating! Get Focused! Take Action!

with Tara McGillicuddy

Tara McGillicuddy understands Adult ADD / ADHD and the needs of Adults with ADD / ADHD. She also understands the busy life styles and demands of Adults with ADD / ADHD too. In her Focused Action Coaching Sessions she cuts to the chase during her 15 Minute Laser Sessions and gets her clients Focused and in Action. Tara also understands that many adults with ADD / ADHD are not ready to make a monthly commitment to Coaching and that they want and need last minute coaching. Tara is now offering convenient and affordable On-Demand coaching sessions in a Text-Based format.
How does this work?
  • Scroll down the page a bit to see if Tara is online.
  • If Tara is online click the “Get Access Now” button to purchase your Focused Action Coaching Session.
  • Once You have Purchased Your Focused Action Coaching Session you will be taken to a Text-Based Chat where you will enter your name and email address.
  • After you have entered your name and email you will be placed in the queue and may need to wait up to 5 minutes for Tara begin your Focused Action Coaching Session.
  • During your 15 Minute Focused Action Coaching Session Tara will help you Get Focused and Take Action on your project(s) and Task(s).
  • Your Session must be used at the time of purchase.
WARNING: This is an Action-Oriented Focused Coaching Session. This is NOT a class! This is NOT an emotional support session. Clients are expected to be ready, willing and able to work on their projects and tasks.


Cost :$17 per session  

All Sessions are non-refundable and must be used at the time of purchase. 

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